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Roundup, a weed killer used by gardeners, landscapers, and farmers alike has been found to cause cancer. In 2015, the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer announced its findings that glyphosate-based herbicides, the most popular of which is Roundup, are "probable" carcinogens. Roundup cancer includes non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia.

As nations around the globe issue Roundup cancer warnings and bans, Monsanto insists the product is safe. Critics say Monsanto officials have likely known of the Roundup cancer connection for decades. Department of Justice and FDA investigations have revealed Monsanto's role in fraudulent Roundup safety testing that produced falsified results. In 2015, Roundup and its companion products brought in a majority of the company's $15 billion in global sales. Plaintiffs in Monsanto Roundup lawsuits say the company chose profits over human life by concealing the Roundup cancer risk from consumers.

Roundup has been in wide use in home and commercial settings throughout the United States since the product was first released by Monsanto for sale in 1974. Believing it was safe, many Americans have inadvertently exposed themselves to the Roundup cancer risk at no fault of their own.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a cancer diagnosis following exposure to Roundup, you may be eligible to file a Roundup cancer lawsuit. Monsanto Roundup lawsuits will serve to secure needed compensation for families harmed by Roundup cancer. Filing a claim is also a means for individual consumers to demand Monsanto take responsibility for consumer safety. When profits are at stake, it often takes the threat of signification litigation to force a large corporation to become a better corporate citizen.

Roundup Cancer Risk

Roundup Cancer Risk

Research shows that anyone who directly uses Roundup or lives in an area where Roundup is used frequently faces a risk of developing Roundup lymphoma or leukemia. For decades, Roundup has been in wide use by home gardeners and landscapers who unconsciously exposed themselves to a risk of developing cancer. Read full Roundup cancer risk information.

Roundup Cancer Risk

Roundup Cancer Warning

When the World Health Organization classified Roundup as a likely carcinogen in 2015, nations around the globe responded with Roundup warnings and bans. Yet Roundup is still widely sold in garden centers and hardware stores, and many Americans are not aware of the Roundup cancer warnings issued around the globe. Read full Roundup cancer warning information.

Roundup Cancer Lawsuit

Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Americans who have developed cancer possibly linked to Roundup are filing claims against Monsanto for fraud and misrepresentation of the safety of the popular weed-killer. Roundup cancer lawsuits can bring families significant compensation for medical expenses, missed work, loss, and other damages related to cancer. Read full Roundup cancer lawsuit information from attorneys handling claims nationwide.

Roundup Cancer Lawyers FAQ

Roundup Lawsuit FAQs

Our lawyers representing national Roundup lawsuit claims for cancer have compiled a list of Roundup Lawsuit FAQs. The answers contained here apply to most general Roundup cancer lawsuit claims. To speak with an attorney regarding your particular situation, please contact our firm to obtain your free Monsanto Roundup case review. Read full Roundup lawsuit FAQs.
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Roundup Cancer Lawyers

Cognizant of the very serious nature of Roundup cancer claims against Monsanto, these attorneys are committed to seeking justice no matter how complicated the case. These attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning there are no fees unless we collect for you. Read full cancer lawsuit information from national Roundup attorneys.