Roundup Cancer Lawsuit News

Roundup Cancer Lawsuit News

Information and News About Monsanto Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Farmers Show Concern Over Using Roundup | 11/12/2018

Occupations that use Roundup herbicide are worried they could be at risk for Roundup cancer...READ MORE

Germany Announces a Staged Ban on Monsanto's Glyphosate | 11/7/2018

Germany is leading the way in the fight to ban glyphosate and Roundup herbicide from the European continent ...READ MORE

Jury Verdict Against Monsanto's Roundup Has Been Upheld | 10/31/2018

If cancer-victim DeWayne Johnson accepts a reduced jury award, Monsanto's appeal will be denied and the decision will stand...READ MORE

DeWayne Johnson's Punitive Jury Award Reduced to $39 Million | 10/25/2018

Johnson can either choose to accept this lesser amount or a California judge will grant Monsanto's motion for a new trial...READ MORE

Judge to Grant Monsanto New DeWayne Johnson Roundup Cancer Trial | 10/16/2018

Monsanto attorneys have challenged the $289 million jury verdict on the grounds that it is an unreasonable amount...READ MORE

Breakfast Cereals Found To Contain Glyphosate | 10/12/2018

As cynical as that may sound, glyphosate has been found by a leading international health organization to probably cause cancer in humans and is present in unhealthy levels in America's staple food products such as breakfast cereal...READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuit Spurs People To Action | 10/3/2018

People are concerned about their health due to Roundup herbicide being linked to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a rare form of cancer...READ MORE

The Health-Damaging Effects of Glyphosate May Extend Well Beyond Cancer | 10/1/2018

In order to avoid the health problems associated with glyphosate, we may have to stop eating packaged food products altogether...READ MORE

Monsanto Points to Studies In DeWayne Johnson Trial Appeal | 9/28/2018

Monsanto is appealing the $289 million jury verdict awarded California school groundskeeper DeWayne Johnson...READ MORE

Glyphosate is a Likely Contributor to Honey Bee Colony Collapse | 9/27/2018

Researchers point to the destruction of gut bacteria as a likely reason that honey bees, essential to our agricultural food supply, have died off in alarming numbers over the last decade...READ MORE

Workers in Occupations That Require Using Roundup Herbicide May Develop Skin Cancer | 9/24/2018

A jury recently found that coming into contact with Monsanto's Roundup herbicide regularly can cause irritation that can lead to skin cancer...READ MORE

Monsanto Seeks To Have The $289 Roundup Cancer Jury Award Overturned | 9/22/2018

Lawyers for Monsanto have asked a San Francisco California judge to throw out the $289 million jury award that was leveled against them last month on the grounds that "DeWayne Johnson failed to prove that Roundup or similar herbicides caused his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma"...READ MORE

What Can An Individual Do To Help Fight Monsanto/Bayer Roundup Cancer? | 9/20/2018

Websites and consumer organization urge the public to fight back against Monsanto's denial that Roundup herbicide causes cancer in humans...READ MORE

Roundup Cancer Trials To Be Expedited Due To California Terminal Illness Law | 9/19/2018

A law in California allows elderly plaintiffs and those with terminal illnesses to have their trials moved to the front of the list...READ MORE

Large Jury Awards Can Be More Effective Than a Product Warning Label | 9/17/2018

Monsanto's Roundup herbicide contains a chemical, glyphosate, that a jury has now found causes cancer...READ MORE

Should Roundup Herbicide Cause You To Stop Eating Packaged Foods? | 9/11/2018

Scientific studies and a recent legal case have reinforced the link between glyphosate and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a rare and often deadly form of cancer and consumers are concerned...READ MORE

Monsanto and Bayer Fight For Their Financial Future | 8/31/2018

Monsanto continues to deny that glyphosate is carcinogenic...READ MORE

Monsanto to Appeal Johnson Verdict | 8/30/2018

Monsanto's defense of Roundup herbicide focused on trying to discredit the plaintiff's expert scientific witnesses...READ MORE

Glyphosate May Be Responsible For a Host of Diseases Not Only Cancer | 8/21/2018

Glyphosate sprayed on the crops that go into everyday packaged breakfast cereals may be harming our children...READ MORE

Bayer May Be Fighting a Losing Battle By Defending Roundup Herbicide | 8/15/2018

Bayer's reputation may be irreparably damaged by its acquisition of Monsanto and the thousands of lawsuits that are coming...READ MORE

Direct Skin Contact With Roundup Causes Cancer | 8/10/2018

When all was said in done it was the cancer-causing skin irritation caused by Roundup herbicide that convinced the jury...READ MORE

Punitive Damages Against Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide Can Serve as a Warning to Consumers to Avoid the Product | 8/9/2018

Federal and state government agencies are often incapable of acting quickly and forcefully enough to alert the public of a potential health hazard...READ MORE

Glyphosate does not have to cause cancer in everyone to be considered carcinogenic | 8/7/2018

Tobacco and asbestos cause cancer in a surprisingly small percentage of their lifelong users...READ MORE

Consumer Groups Urge Members to File Roundup Cancer Complaints | 8/3/2018

The fight against Monsanto's Roundup herbicide is continuing on many fronts including mothers that are concerned Roundup could harm their children...READ MORE

Scientific Studies Challenged in DeWayne Johnson Monsanto Cancer Trial | 7/31/2018

Attorneys for DeWayne Johnson challenge the EPA's findings that glyphosate is safe for humans...READ MORE

Expert Demonstrates Glyphosate Bio-accumulates on the Skin | 7/27/2018

Expert testimony held up to cross-examination when a toxicologist for the plaintiff showed that glyphosate can be absorbed in cancerous quantities through bio-accumulation on the skin...READ MORE

Plaintiff Drenched In Roundup on Two Occasions | 7/25/2018

The plaintiff in the Monsanto Roundup cancer trial took the stand today and told the jury that he used Roundup regularly in the course of doing his work and on two occasions was drenched in the chemical herbicide...READ MORE

Monsanto Attorneys Challenge IARC Cancer Designation | 7/23/2018

The IARC is the world's renowned source of independent cancer research but not in the eyes of Monsanto...READ MORE

Expert Testimony Given at DeWayne Johnson Monsanto Trial | 7/20/2018

The plaintiffs are presenting independent, unbiased, scientific evidence that glyphosate is carcinogenic and Monsanto attorneys are having a breakdown trying to discredit the testimony...READ MORE

DeWayne Johnson Monsanto Cancer Trial One-Week Update | 7/17/2018

Monsanto is challenging the motives of a scientist that contributed to the IARC's decision to pronounce glyphosate as probably carcinogenic in humans...READ MORE

Judge Rules Monsanto Trials May Proceed to Court | 7/13/2018

A San Francisco Federal Judge has ruled that all of the more than 2000 lawsuits against Monsanto may proceed to court...READ MORE

Californians Urge Retailers to Pull Roundup | 7/11/2018

California may not be able to require Monsanto to label Roundup but consumer groups are determined to get retailers to pull the product from their shelves...READ MORE

Glyphosate May Contribute to the Epidemics of Obesity, Autism, and Others | 7/5/2018

Scientists think glyphosate, a patented antibiotic, may be behind the epidemic of many diseases as well as cancer...READ MORE

Jury Selection Complete in DeWayne Johnson Monsanto Cancer Trial | 6/29/2018

Legal professionals agree that jury selection is a critical element of the Monsanto glyphosate cancer trial...READ MORE

DeWayne Johnson Trial Against Monsanto Underway | 6/26/2018

The potentially precedent-setting trial against Monsanto's Roundup Ready herbicide highlights evidence for the plaintiff...READ MORE

Jury To Hear Evidence of Monsanto Glyphosate Coverup | 6/22/2018

Monsanto internal emails may point to the company knowing that glyphosate causes cancer in humans...READ MORE

DeWayne Johnson Monsanto Trial Underway Claiming Roundup Ready Herbicide Causes Cancer | 6/19/2018

A bellwether trial has begun that could expose Monsanto for covering up the cancer risks of Roundup Ready herbicide...READ MORE

Roundup Ready Cancer Warning Labels Deemed Unnecessary | 6/14/2018

Undisputed evidence is needed to force Monsanto to label Roundup Ready herbicide as carcinogenic to humans...READ MORE

United States Health Agencies Support the Use Of Glyphosate | 6/11/2018

Other countries in Europe and around the world recognize the World Health Organization's finding and have banned the usage of glyphosate ...READ MORE

Monsanto is Losing it Fight Against Roundup Warning Labels | 6/5/2018

Monsanto is fighting California's requirement that the company warns consumers with "clear and reasonable" language that glyphosate causes cancer...READ MORE

Glyphosate May Effect Human Gut Bacteria | 5/30/2018

Glyphosate, patented in 2010 as an antibiotic for humans, could be the mysterious cause of many diseases in addition to cancer...READ MORE

Monsanto Alleged Fraud to be Introduced at Trial | 5/25/2018

A Monsanto cancer lawsuit currently underway will be the first to introduce evidence claiming Monsanto executives knew that glyphosate causes cancer and covered up the findings for decades...READ MORE

San Francisco Federal Judge to Decide on Monsanto Lawsuits | 5/22/2018

Hundreds of cases against Monsanto are being grouped into multi-district litigation to streamline the pre-trial and discovery processes...READ MORE

Consumer Group Lawsuit Against Monsanto Goes Forward | 5/17/2018

In what is sure to be a landmark, precedent-setting court case, a lawsuit claiming that Monsanto Roundup labeling is false and misleading is allowed by a federal judge to proceed...READ MORE

The IARC Findings Spark a Flood of Lawsuits Against Monsanto | 5/13/2018

Monsanto is fighting tooth and nail to keep lawsuits claiming Roundup cancer from ever going to court...READ MORE

Roundup Ready Will Not Be Labeled Cancer-Causing in California | 5/9/2018

Monsanto Roundup Ready sidesteps a cancer warning ... for now...READ MORE

Roundup Herbicide Human Cancer Risks | 5/5/2018

Exposure to Roundup herbicide poses an elevated risk of humans developing certain rare forms of cancer such as leukemia, myeloma, and non-Hodgkins lymphoma. ...READ MORE

California's Appeals Court Confirms Glyphosate on Cancer List | 5/2/2018

Californians are leading the way in the United States by daring to challenge the use of glyphosate in their state...READ MORE

Roundup Cancer Lawsuits in Multi-District Litigation | 4/30/2018

A recent article in the New York Times elaborates on the latest findings against Monsanto's defense of glyphosate. ...READ MORE

International Condemnation of Glyphosate is Adding Up | 4/27/2018

Public outcry from around the world is forcing governments to ban or restrict glyphosate until more studies can be conducted...READ MORE

Glyphosate to Remain on California's List of Cancer-Causing Chemicals | 4/26/2018

Monsanto continues to fight against warning consumers that Roundup herbicide causes cancer in humans...READ MORE

The Monsanto's Glyphosate Firestorm | 4/25/2018

Monsanto's flagship product, Roundup Ready with glyphosate, is at the center of a storm of controversy regarding whether or not the chemical causes cancer...READ MORE

California Court Upholds Glyphosate's Cancer Warning | 4/23/2018

Glyphosate will remain on the official California cancer list...READ MORE

How Exposed Are You To Glyphosate | 4/16/2018

Levels of Roundup Ready herbicide's active ingredient glyphosate can be found in nearly everything and everyone...READ MORE

Monsanto Fights Back Over Inclusion of Glyphosate as Cancer Causing | 4/12/2018

An agricultural group led by Monsanto is fighting against glyphosate's inclusion on California's Prop 65 list of chemicals that cause cancer ...READ MORE

Roundup Ready Herbicide Is Everywhere | 4/6/2018

Monsanto's Roundup Ready herbicide has a stranglehold on the food most people eat in the United States and around the world...READ MORE

Overview of the Controversy Surrounding Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide | 3/30/2018

Evidence is mounting against continuing to spray the world's food source with the deadly herbicide...READ MORE

Glyphosate and Autism | 3/23/2018

Scientist point to glyphosate as a probable cause of autism in children...READ MORE

California's List of Chemicals That Cause Cancer Includes Glyphosate | 3/16/2018

Monsanto-led agricultural groups attempt to have glyphosate removed from California's cancer list...READ MORE

Independent Studies Support California's Glyphosate Cancer Warnings | 3/9/2018

Those with no financial dependence on glyphosate sales link the herbicide with an increased risk of developing non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma...READ MORE

Occupations at High Risk of Cancer Caused by Glyphosate | 3/2/2018

Using Roundup with glyphosate every day in the course of your job could cost you your life...READ MORE

When Was Monsanto Aware of the Danger of Roundup | 12/30/2017

Lawsuits are uncovering evidence that Monsanto has been aware of the link between glyphosate and people developing cancer and covered it up...READ MORE

People Are Suing Monsanto Claiming That Roundup Herbicide Caused Their Cancer | 12/27/2017

An ever-increasing number of people and the estates of those who have died from cancer are suing Monsanto for failing to warn them of the health implications of using Roundup herbicide...READ MORE

Monsanto Maker of the Deadly Defoliant ... Agent Orange | 12/20/2017

Acute Myeloid Leukemia is a rapidly spreading and deadly form of cancer where only 27% of its victims live at least five years post-diagnosis...READ MORE

Monsanto Fights Roundup Cancer Warning | 12/18/2017

Monsanto challenges cancer warnings by claiming warning labels will cause food prices to skyrocket and crush local agricultural economies...READ MORE

Roundup Herbicide is Everywhere | 12/13/2017

Roundup herbicide is being sprayed on so many things today that traces of glyphosate can be found in everyone...READ MORE

Monsanto Fights Roundup Cancer Designations | 12/8/2017

Unsealed court documents link glyphosate with cancer and Monsanto is accused of trying to cover it up...READ MORE

Monsanto License Renewed in Europe | 12/4/2017

Against the will of millions of Europeans that signed a petition against Roundup herbicide, the EU has renewed Monsanto's Roundup license for another 5 years...READ MORE

Glyphosate is a Monsanto-Patented Antibiotic | 11/27/2017

Ingesting glyphosate, a patented antibiotic, could be the cause of multiple health problems...READ MORE

Eating Organic Could be More Important Than Ever | 11/20/2017

Alarming levels of glyphosate are being found in humans that eat vegetables treated with the herbicide...READ MORE

Monsanto Fights Back Against Glyphosate Cancer Designation | 11/13/2017

Monsanto has a history of fighting to keep glyphosate on the market...READ MORE

Pro-Monsanto Groups Are Fighting to Remove Glyphosate From California's List of Cancer-Causing Chemicals | 11/7/2017

A group of Monsanto GMO crop farmers from California and the Midwest have banded together and sue the state of California to remove glyphosate from the official cancer list...READ MORE

New Lawsuits Claim Roundup Caused Cancer | 11/3/2017

Maintenance workers forced to use Monsanto's Roundup herbicide that develope cancer are blaming Monsanto...READ MORE

Monsanto Fights to Defend Roundup Herbicide as Safe and Protect Their Billion Dollar Market Share | 10/30/2017

Monsanto refutes the claims of government agencies and scientists around the world who are concerned about the risks to public health of the world's most heavily-used herbicide ...READ MORE

California Avocado Farmer's Widow Sues Monsanto in Landmark Case | 10/23/2017

Jack McCall's surviving spouse Teri is suing Monsanto claiming that the company knew of the health risks of using Roundup Ready yet did nothing to warn the public...READ MORE

Glyphosate Toxicity and Autism | 10/17/2017

Trace amounts of glyphosate can be found in almost everything we eat...READ MORE

Glyphosate Added to California's List of Cancer-Causing Chemicals | 10/11/2017

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup Ready herbicide has been added to California's list of chemicals that cause cancer...READ MORE

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Symptoms and Diagnosis | 10/5/2017

Workers in occupations that use Monsanto's Roundup herbicide may be at risk of developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma...READ MORE

Lawsuits Seek to Stop Monsanto Putting Profits Over People | 8/28/2017

Choose a law firm with a demonstrable track record of success when taking large, multinational corporations to court...READ MORE

Monsanto and a Poisonous History | 8/21/2017

During the Vietnam War, Monsanto sold the US Army a deadly jungle defoliant called Agent Orange with callous disregard for the lives of American soldiers...READ MORE

Roundup Cancers Tearing Families Apart | 8/14/2017

Families are destroyed when a loved one suffers or dies from cancer...READ MORE

There is No Escaping Roundup Ready | 8/7/2017

So much Roundup Ready has been used in so many ways that the number of people at risk of developing cancer from it is greater than thought...READ MORE

Emails May Reveal Monsanto Executives May Have Been Aware of Roundup Danger | 8/1/2017

Monsanto executives may have known years in advance that their flagship product, Roundup Ready herbicide, could cause cancer...READ MORE

Lawsuits Aim To Draw Attention To Monsanto's Deadly Herbicide, Roundup Ready | 7/24/2017

Hundreds of people with deadly cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma are suing Monsanto for compensatory and punitive damages...READ MORE

Global Movement To Ban Monsanto Roundup Ready Herbicide | 7/17/2017

Protestors numbering in the millions seek to end the use of glyphosate throughout the European Union...READ MORE

Cancer Causing Glyphosate Is in the Meat We Eat | 7/10/2017

There is virtually nowhere to turn to escape ingesting the Monsanto cancer-causing poison, glyphosate...READ MORE

California's Roundup Ready Astonishing Cancer Warning | 7/3/2017

The state of California has broken with tradition to warn consumers that Monsanto's Roundup Ready herbicide causes cancer in humans...READ MORE

Monsanto Roundup Ready to be Banned in Europe | 6/19/2017

One Million Europeans Protest Monsanto Roundup...READ MORE

The Case for Monsanto Roundup Cancer Lawsuits | 6/16/2017

Medical research, science and current legal proceedings show Roundup cancer lawsuits are justified...READ MORE

Questionable Scientific Studies Used to Market Roundup | 6/12/2017

Monsanto mislabeled internal documents as academic to make its product appear safe...READ MORE

How a Roundup Cancer Attorney Can Help | 6/9/2017

Serious health problems from a company as large as Monsanto demand serious attorneys...READ MORE

Monsanto Roundup Cancer - Why You Should Contact an Attorney | 6/5/2017

Monsanto Roundup has caused everyday people serious harm, including death, all while making a profit, Onder Law holds them responsible...READ MORE

Common Weed Killer is a Probable Carcinogen | 6/1/2017

Herbicide found in millions of households has been identified as a cancer risk...READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuits See Impact In France | 3/28/2017

The country has decided to ban Roundup products in garden stores, a move that will encourage those who filed Roundup lawsuits around the U.S....READ MORE

Monsanto Battles Decision Big For Roundup Lawsuits | 3/24/2017

Monsanto is fighting a decision levied in California that allows labeling warning Roundup can cause cancer, which was a boon for Roundup cancer lawsuits....READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuits Science Day Set For February 27 | 3/21/2017

A science day to help explain to a federal court the specifics of the evidence behind claims made in Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuits will take place on February 27....READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuits Probe EPA-Monsanto Relationship | 3/17/2017

Roundup cancer lawsuits filed against Monsanto have called into question the company's relationship with the EPA that resulted in the allegedly chemical glyphosate to be approved by the agency....READ MORE

New Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Filed In California | 3/14/2017

A recent Monsanto Roundup lawsuit was filed in California where a majority of the claims have originated....READ MORE

The Chemical At The Heart Of Roundup Lawsuits | 3/10/2017

Glyphosate is the chemical plaintiffs are claiming leads to cancer in their Monsanto Roundup lawsuits, and there is a long history of evidence that calls Roundup's main ingredient into question....READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuits Cite WHO Labeling Of Glyphosate | 3/6/2017

Plaintiffs who have filed Roundup cancer lawsuits against Monsanto have brought up the World Health Organization's classification of the weed killer's main ingredient glyphosate as a "possible carcinogen."...READ MORE

EPA Named Defendant In New Roundup Cancer Lawsuit | 3/3/2017

A number of consumer rights groups have filed a Monsanto Roundup lawsuit against the EPA over their allowance of a new herbicide that uses the allegedly cancerous chemical glyphosate....READ MORE

RFK Jr. To Visit California Over Roundup Lawsuits | 1/31/2017

The son of the former presidential candidate will visit California to address the heart of the Monsanto Roundup lawsuit proceedings...READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuits See Progress In Label Ruling | 1/28/2017

A California judge ruled that the state can affix labels to the Roundup, the weedkiller at the heart of Monsanto Roundup lawsuits, warning of the product's connection to cancer....READ MORE

Chemical Industry Attacks Roundup Lawsuit Evidence | 1/23/2017

A number of giants in the chemical industry are taking aim at the IARC for what they believe are lax rules concerning their designations of carcinogens....READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuit Paints Monsanto's False Marketing | 1/17/2017

The company that manufactured the weed killer that's believed to be a carcinogen claimed their product was "safer than table salt."...READ MORE

Another Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit Filed In Missouri | 1/13/2017

For the second time in less than a month, a plaintiff has filed a Roundup lawsuit against Monsanto in Missouri....READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuits Note Weedkiller Profitability | 1/10/2017

A number of Monsanto Roundup Lawsuits note that with profits in the billions, the company has plenty of reason to mislead to public regarding its connection to cancer....READ MORE

California Designation Helps Roundup Lawsuits | 1/7/2017

A California ruling in September of 2015 has served as evidence for plaintiffs that have filed Monsanto Roundup lawsuits....READ MORE

Roundup Lawsuits Claim Glyphosate Is A Carcinogen | 1/4/2017

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is named in Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuits as the chemical that causes cancer in plantiffs that have filed claims against the agricultural giant....READ MORE

Monsanto Roundup Lawsuits Expose History Of Fraud | 12/31/2016

Roundup cancer lawsuits filed against Monsanto claim decades of fraudulent behavior by the agricultural company....READ MORE

Discovery Process Created For Roundup Lawsuit MDL | 12/27/2016

The judge overseeing the multidistrict litigation concerning Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuits set the framework under which discovery will take place for the MDL....READ MORE

New Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit Filed In Missouri | 12/24/2016

A man who claims his cancer was caused by Monsanto's popular weed killer has filed a Roundup lawsuit in the Eastern District of Missouri....READ MORE

Science Day Upcoming For Roundup Lawsuit MDL | 12/21/2016

A science day for Roundup cancer lawsuits is in the near future for counsel representing both sides in multidistrict litigation. ...READ MORE

Monsanto Roundup Lawsuits Consolidated Into MDL | 12/18/2016

The October transfer of Monsanto Roundup lawsuits to multidistrict litigation will coordinate the country's federal claims before a single judge....READ MORE

Roundup Cancer Lawyers Given MDL Leadership Spots | 12/15/2016

A number of Monsanto Roundup attorneys were assigned to leadership positions in the MDL covering the claims....READ MORE

Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Filed In Northern Florida | 12/12/2016

A Florida man who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma has filed a Roundup cancer lawsuit against Monsanto....READ MORE

New Nebraska Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit Filed | 12/9/2016

A man filed a state Roundup lawsuit in Nebraska, where the defendant Monsanto is headquartered....READ MORE

Lawyers for Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Attorneys handling Roundup cancer lawsuits for leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and multiple myeloma offer free, no-obligation case review for individuals and families who believe they may have grounds to file a Roundup cancer lawsuit. Working on a contingency basis, these attorneys are committed to never charging legal fees unless they win compensation in your Roundup cancer lawsuit. The product liability litigators handling Roundup claims at the Onder Law Firm have a strong track record of success in representing families harmed by dangerous drugs and consumer products.