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Bayer Doubles Down On Glyphosate Safety

After settling tens of thousands of lawsuits claiming glyphosate caused cancer, Bayer has launched an even deadlier herbicide

Saturday, October 31, 2020 - German life sciences leader Bayer Inc. is currently settling over 125,000 lawsuits against them from plaintiffs claiming that using Roundup herbicide containing glyphosate caused them to develop non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer of the lymph nodes. If successful, Bayer will still be responsible for more than 25,000 cases that have not joined the settlement pool and insist on taking their case to court individually. Entire countries such as Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, and recently American Agricultural giant Mexico have announced total bans on glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup to be phased in over 1-5 years. The resultant decrease in demand for Monsanto's genetically modified seeds from banning glyphosate has caused Bayer shareholders to question the judgment of CEO Werner Baumann, who purchased Monsanto less than two weeks after taking command of the company in 2018. Shareholders have repeatedly threatened to oust the chief executive and issued a vote of no confidence at a recent meeting. The Wall Street Journal criticized Baumann's early decision making at the company. "Just 10 days after he became the CEO of Bayer, Werner Baumann made the move to buy Monsanto. He was betting that the acquisition would make the company into an agricultural powerhouse. Instead, it opened Bayer up to tens of thousands of lawsuits and became one of the worst corporate deals in recent memory." Roundup herbicide cancer lawyers are ready to help with a free consultation and no obligation to file a claim.

Bayer has invested over $5 billion in research and development to try and develop an alternative and I am shocked to report what the company has come up with. Rather than disavow glyphosate and apologize for their mistakes, the company has doubled down and produced an even more potent glyphosate-based herbicide they think farmers will buy. Successful (SF) has reported that Bayer/Monsanto has announced the launch of a new herbicide called Powermax 3, a new brand within the Roundup family of herbicides. The launch, according to SF will begin in southern US states and phase-in for three years throughout the country. The new product not only includes a higher, and more potentially lethal concentration of glyphosate, called a "probably carcinogen" by the World Health Organization, but also contains a proprietary surfactant to help glyphosate stick to the weed's leaves and stem better and become more readily absorbed. "Compared to generic herbicide products on the market, as well as the 45-year history of current Roundup brand agricultural herbicides, the new formulation has the highest concentration of glyphosate on the U.S. market, say Bayer officials. This highly concentrated product enables growers to spray more acres with less product, which allows for less packaging and bulk trucks on the road, say Bayer officials," according to Successful Farmer.

The glyphosate/surfactant duo is the same deadly combination that was alleged to have caused skin lesions leading to cancer for occupational users of Roundup herbicide such as farmers, landscapers, golf course maintenance workers, and government outdoor maintenance employees. Three juries have awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in punitive damages to people with cancer allegedly caused by the Roundup mixture. And now it is even more potent.

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