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Delays Hamper The Next Roundup Herbicide Trial Pushing The Proceedings Back Until Early 2020

Combining plaintiffs may not be a great idea as their history of potentially being exposed to carcinogens could be different from one another

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - It has always been risky to combine plaintiffs into a single entity when suing a company for damages related to cancer. Lawyers for Bayer/Monsanto argue that there the trial date for the next Monsanto Roundup herbicide cancer trial should be delayed until they can more closely analyze each of the 14 plaintiffs that have formed the group led by plaintiff Walter Winston. The lawsuit will be in the state of Missouri where Monsanto was domiciled before being acquired by German company Bayer for $63 million in 2017. Walter Winston's case is now being delayed until early 2020 at the earliest.

Monsanto/Bayer attorneys argue that each plaintiff deserves a trial as the science behind what may or may not have caused their illnesses is complicated. One such complication that can not be lumped into single litigation is the plaintiff's history of coming into contact with carcinogenic substances where they live or where they work that could be responsible for their illness. Another point of contention is the individual's prior health history as well as their family histories of cancer. Some in the group may have been smokers, some not, and some may have been exposed to second-hand smoke or other carcinogens.

According to the original complaint filed by Walter Winston, Mary Campbell, Kyle Chaplick, et al. on March 12 in the St. Louis Circuit Court, the plaintiffs "the plaintiffs allege that as a result of their exposure to defendant's Roundup, an herbicide that contains the active ingredient glyphosate, they developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. They allege they have suffered physical and emotional injuries and substantial past and future medical expenses," according to the St. Louis Record News. Also, the plaintiffs claimed that Monsanto had "falsely represented that Roundup is safe for humans and the environment and failed to provide adequate warnings and proper directions about the dangers associated with using it." This complaint is in line with others that have been successful in suing Monsanto over cancer they developed from the occupational use of Roundup herbicide as a groundskeeper, landscaper or farmer, and making direct skin contact with the product. It has been alleged that the chemical combination that comprises Roundup herbicide is a carcinogenic cocktail that sticks to and bioaccumulates on the skin over time leading to skin irritation that develops into cancerous. Three separate cases against Monsanto have been decided in favor of plaintiffs for close to 90 million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages each after claiming that Monsanto was negligent in failing to users to wear waterproof protective clothing while applying Roundup. Over 18,000 plaintiffs are waiting their turn in court to hold Monsanto accountable for knowingly marketing a dangerous cancer-causing product and failing to warn consumers. Mothers and others are concerned that Roundup herbicide is being sprayed unnecessarily on school playgrounds, parks and on suburban lawns where children roll around on the grass and play.

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