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Glyphosate Fearmongering In The Media

Monsanto has a history of producing cancer-causing chemicals and the media is taking advantage of that fact

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - A couple of months ago, newspaper headline across the US warned mothers that they needed to be aware that a certain herbicide, glyphosate, had been found high concentrations in certain breakfast cereals that are being marketed and fed to children. Included in that warning was packaged cereal bars that were inaccurately advertised as natural and organic. As it turns out, most packaged products that contain wheat, grain or oats have a level of glyphosate in them that is higher than past levels. The concern here is not of the level of glyphosate as an absolute number, but rather of the alarming increase in its concentration. Glyphosate is suspected of being carcinogenic due to its bioaccumulation in human cells. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide that is sprayed over most food crops in the US and around the world. The children's cereal warning was extended shortly afterward to include the adult food staples of beer and wine. National Monsanto Roundup lawsuit attorneys are consulting families and individuals for free and no obligation to file a claim.

Indeed, not only is the safety of today's food supply in doubt but also Monsanto's checkered past and terrible reputation is feeding people's concern over developing cancer from ingesting glyphosate. Monsanto is the world's leading manufacturer of Roundup weedkiller and the genetically modified crops (GMOs) that a farmer must plant to be resistant to the chemical defoliant. Science just hasn't kept up with whether or not GMO crops are even safe for human consumption, let alone the chemicals that are sprayed on them. In the 1950s, 60's, and 70's, Monsanto sold chemical defoliants DDT and Agent Orange to the US Army to be sprayed on the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia, and Laos from above in order to kill the vegetations and create landing zones for US helicopters transporting troops to and from the front lines of the battlefield. Decades later US serviceman began developing and dying from cancer due to their exposure to the chemicals during their military duty.

Another seemingly damning piece of anti-glyphosate evidence surfaced in media headlines recently when researchers concluded that glyphosate increases our risks of developing cancer by 40% causing people to be shocked and concerned. Forty percent seems like such a huge number but it really is not. Forty percent is much different from "forty fold," or "forty times." Increasing a number by forty percent barely moves the needle. For example, the overall risk of developing cancer has been established at 2%. So 2 out of every 100 people will develop cancer and 98 will not. Notwithstanding whether or not one thinks that even 2 percent is too high, the number becomes the baseline from which increases are based. Mathematically speaking, to increase 2% by forty percent, just multiply .02 by 1.4. The one just returns the original number and the .4 is the increase. .02 times 1.4 = .028., not even 3. Therefore, put another way, the study shows that using glyphosate-based weedkillers increases the number of people that develop cancer from 2 to "almost" 3 out of 100, barely moving the needle. In contrast, increasing a number "forty fold" or "forty times" would have increased the rate of cancer from 2 out of 100 to a whopping 80 out of 100, a huge cause for concern

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