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Monsanto Roundup Ready to be Banned in Europe

One Million Europeans Protest Monsanto Roundup

Monday, June 19, 2017 - In addition to the thousands of Americans have filed suit against Monsanto claiming that their use of Roundup Ready caused the development of the deadly cancer called non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, amongst other types of cancer, people in Europe are demanding action against the makers of the herbicide. In Europe, a group has been formed to combat the use of Roundup on the entire continent. Because of the fear that Roundup Ready causes cancer, a petition, organized by the European Citizens Initiative, that demands the banning of Roundup's active ingredient "glyphosate," throughout the entire European Union has garnered more than one million signatures in a little over four months. At question is whether or not the European Union will renew the license for glyphosate and a decision is to be made in December 2017. Behind the movement are scientists, environmental organizations, and politicians that cite the World Health Organizations contention that glyphosate may cause cancer in humans.

In March 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a semi-autonomous panel of the world's foremost independent scientists and academicians, published a report that determined "glyphosate is probably carcinogenic." Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto's deadly weedkiller Roundup Ready, a chemical that the company claims is safe for human beings. Roundup Ready is used by farmers around the world, in over 130 countries to date, in conjunction with Roundup Ready crops that are genetically modified to resist the herbicide. Tens of millions of people are exposed to the deadly carcinogen on a regular basis, farmers, landscapers, park maintenance workers, home gardeners, and children who play in the home back yards that have been treated with the herbicide. Even professional athletes that play on natural grass including footballers around the world may be at risk of developing cancer that they may not know they have for 10 or 20 years into the future.

Monsanto was also dealt a blow recently as a court in California as the company's effort to block the inclusion of Glyphosate in a list of "deadly cancer-causing chemicals" was denied. Monsanto argued in vain that adding glyphosate to the list was unconstitutional. As a result of a voter initiative, the state of California requires its governor to publish a list of all known cancer-causing chemicals. The California Office of Environmental Health has proposed that the governor adds glyphosate to the list of cancer-causing chemicals. (2)

Monsanto has a great amount invested in its Roundup Ready business. As of August 2015, Roundup Ready and other agricultural productivity products, make up as much as 25 percents of its multi-billion dollar annual business. In addition, sales of Roundup Ready herbicide goes hand in hand with the sales of its Roundup Ready seeds which make up most of the other revenues for the company. Eliminate Roundup Ready herbicide and there isn't much of a need for any other of their products. Banning the deadly herbicide in Europe could cause the entire deadly Monsanto house of cards to fall.

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