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Monsanto Chastised By Judge When Reducing $2 Billion Jury Award

Monsanto had a big win when a judge slashed 95 percent off the jury award of 2 billion dollars bringing the amount in line with legal precedent in the third of three cases decided against Monsanto

Monday, July 29, 2019 - The decision may seem like a win for Bayer, parent company of Monsanto, and of course, it is, but also included in the judge's decision was language that is certain to be used in the upcoming 13,000 cases against the company. Alameda County Superior Court Judge Winifred Y. Smith slashed the punitive damages awarded but also agreed wholeheartedly with the jury's verdict and reprimanded Monsanto for its coverup of glyphosate causing cancer. Judge Smith wrote: "In this case, there was clear and convincing evidence that Monsanto made efforts to impede, discourage, or distort scientific inquiry and the resulting science" according to The Washington Post. Roundup herbicide has been shown to cause cancer when one comes into direct skin contact with the formula regularly, repeatedly, and over many years. In addition to the science behind the Roundup herbicide mixture causing cancer, the company's behavior to mislead public by tampering with damning scientific evidence is now at the fore. Roundup cancer lawsuits for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma are represented by top national attorneys with vast experience in the field of product liability litigation.

The reduction in the amount of punitive damages was not unexpected and brought the amount into line with the other two cases that have been decided against Monsanto in recent weeks. California school groundskeeper DeWayne Lee Johnson was awarded an adjusted $78 million for the non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a rare form of cancer, that he developed. Mr. Johnson is terminally ill and not expected to live to see the new year. Johnson's case is groundbreaking in that as an occupational user of the product, Johnson would occasionally come home, in his words to the jury, "drenched in the stuff." Although terminally ill and frail, Johnson was able to take the stand and show the painful skin ulcers that were caused by coming into contact with the lethal Roundup herbicide cocktail. The plaintiff's scientific experts were able to demonstrate that the surfactant chemical used to make glyphosate adhere to a (weed's) plant's leaves and make it possible to penetrate the plant's cell walls were the same properties that cause the chemical to be readily absorbed into the human bloodstream through the skin. Experts testified that it is the bioaccumulation of the Roundup mixture on the skin and not merely glyphosate alone that is carcinogenic.

The plaintiff's punitive damages awards were reduced in the previous two cases. California farmer Eric Hardeman had punitive damages reduced to $89 million from almost 5 times that amount for the same reasons in the only other Roundup cancer trial to take place to date.

The judge's harsh wording will certainly focus future plaintiffs to focus on internal Monsanto company memos that tell the tale of consciously doctoring the interpretation of scientific tests about Roundup and pawning those fallacious results to the FDA and EPA as objective scientific testing. In what is now called "The Monsanto Papers" the National Institute of Health has concluded: "The documents reveal Monsanto-sponsored ghostwriting of articles published in toxicology journals and the lay media, interference in the peer review process, behind-the-scenes influence on retraction and the creation of a so-called academic website as a front for the defense of Monsanto products."

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