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Glyphosate Toxicity and Autism

Trace amounts of glyphosate can be found in almost everything we eat

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 - In addition to scientific studies potentially linking glyphosate to non-Hodgkins lymphoma in adults, which have spawned thousands of Roundup lymphoma lawsuits, there could also be a correlation between the excessive use of the herbicide and the epidemic of autism in children. If MIT professor, Dr. Stephanie Seneff is to be believed, glyphosate toxicity due to the overuse of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide could be a leading cause of Autism in children. Symptoms of glyphosate toxicity and autism are similar and include zinc and iron deficiency, low serum sulfate, seizures, and mitochondrial disorder. In addition, the children of women that live near farms have a 60% greater chance of having autism spectrum disorder than those that live further away.

Glyphosate toxicity is the accumulation of glyphosate in our bodies from the trace amounts of glyphosate that can be found in virtually every food we eat. Dr. Seneff hypothesizes that bioaccumulation of glyphosate in our bodies and the resultant damage to human DNA could be a factor in the nearly geometric increase in autism in children since the year 2000.

Legal, acceptable trace amounts of glyphosate can be found in genetically modified, Roundup Ready corn and soybeans which are key ingredients in many packaged products we eat such as snacks, cereals, candies and protein bars. Nearly every packaged product contains at least some element of wheat, soy, corn or corn syrup. Food staples like bread also contain traces of glyphosate as the herbicide is sprayed extensively on wheat crops. Eating something as simple as a processed meat sandwich could expose one to three separate sources of glyphosate, in the bread, the meat from the animal, and the corn syrup in the ketchup. In addition, the higher up on the food chain we eat, the larger the concentration of glyphosate we are likely to consume. Cows, chickens, and pigs are fed a daily diet of Roundup Ready glyphosate-sprayed crops for their entire lifetime and the chemical accumulates in their flesh marketed as chicken breasts or sirloin steak that is sold to consumers. And if that wasn't enough, the acceptable level of glyphosate sprayed on animal food crops is much higher than on crops for direct human consumption. Since cows are also fed a lifetime of GMO grains and feeds, milk is also contaminated with higher concentrations of glyphosate.

Even though all of the above foods have what the government deems safe levels of glyphosate when looked at individually, they may not be safe when one looks at the entirety of one's diet. The amounts of glyphosate we will consume over the course of a month, a year or even our entire lifetime is staggering and coincides with the epidemics of cancer and autism. Government standard on acceptable levels of glyphosate in any one particular food item fails to take into consideration that the chemical accumulates in the body.

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