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Glyphosate May Cause More Diseases Than Cancer Alone

Billions of dollars in punitive damages have encouraged researchers who always suspected that glyphosate is more poisonous than what we are being led to believe

Monday, June 10, 2019 - A terrifying report published by by a team of scientific experts has found that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, may cause genetic mutations that can be passed down from generation to generation. Epigenetic Transgenerational Inheritance (EPI) is the latest findings by scientists concerned about the safety of the Monsanto weedkiller for humans. RoundUp herbicide cancer lawsuit attorneys representing families and persons nationally offer a free consultation before filing a claim.

Genetic scientists are concerned that humans can inherit not only their parent's genes but also the mutations that have occurred to those genes. These genes, cancer genes, for example, can lie dormant for decades and only start to show symptoms later in one's life several generations down the road. That cancer you have now, for example, may have been caused by a carcinogen that your mother or father was exposed to well before you were born. Experiments on rodents have found that the effects of glyphosate on first generation offspring were negligible, however, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the exposed parent showed increased incidences of genetic mutations. According to, "The transgenerational pathologies observed include prostate disease, obesity, kidney disease, ovarian disease, and parturition (birth) abnormalities."

Others including MIT scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff, have drawn a parallel between the explosive growth of the agricultural use of glyphosate on genetically modified crops, to the increase in instances of obesity, diabetes, and autism around the globe. Glyphosate cannot be washed off fruits and vegetables as it enters plants genetically modified to be resistant to it on a cellular level. Monsanto scientists invented genetically modified crops such as soy, corn, and potatoes to be genetically resistant to the weedkiller. In addition to ingesting glyphosate in the food we eat, the chemical gets into the water we drink. Dr. Seneff states as the premise for her research that the geometric rise in the number of cases of autism over the last 20 years could not be attributed to genetic factor and only to an industrial environmental stimulus and the most likely of all culprits has to be the massive increases in the use of glyphosate. Glyphosate is the world's most heavily used agricultural weedkiller. According to the National Institute of Health, "From 1974-2014, a total of 1.37 billion kg of glyphosate (3.0 billion pounds) was applied in the U.S. agricultural sector. Glyphosate use in the agricultural sector rose 300-fold from 1974 to 2014 (0.36-113.4 million kg; 0.8-250 million pounds)."

Monsanto, for all of its 50-year history of producing nothing but cancer-causing chemical and defoliants, insists that glyphosate is safe for humans. This in spite of the fact that the World Health's Organization cancer study group, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, deems glyphosate "probably carcinogenic" based on tests conducted on laboratory animals. Thousands of people are suing Monsanto for failing to warn users that Roundup Herbicide causes cancer and now thousand more people with other diseases may have a cause for concern.

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