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Glyphosate and Autism

Scientist point to glyphosate as a probable cause of autism in children

Friday, March 23, 2018 - The explosion in the rate of Autism in children has caught the attention of scientists around the world. A number of independent scientific studies by organizations with no ties to Monsanto are coming to the conclusion that glyphosate is likely to be the cause. Scientists are coming to the conclusion that in addition being probably carcinogenic, glyphosate could also be the cause of autism. With these type of alarming studies and side effects reported from those who used Monsanto Roundup on a regular basis, are fighting back with Monsanto Roundup attorneys helping those that have been affected by the chemicals included in Monsanto Roundup pesticide to treat crops, vegetables and much more.

Massachusettes Institute of Technology senior research biologist Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., now claims that her work points to glyphosate as being responsible for autism and points to the correlation between increases in the usage in the chemical and the increased rates of autism. Dr. Seneff has published many articles on her findings and has studied the topic for over 30 years. Her work is in response to the alarming rate of increase in cases of autism in children. For example:

The percentage of children that have autism is now one in sixty-eight and has been increasing by more than 20% per year since 2000 and at that rate, one out of every two children will have autism to a degree by the year 2025. Glyphosate toxicity is now considered by scientists to be a more likely candidate for causing autism than vaccines. The spike in the rates of autism, it has been noted, cannot be attributable to a genetic abnormality and can only point to a change in environmental factors. The most obvious environmental factor that has changed is the geometric consumption of glyphosate and its bioaccumulation in animals. In addition, Dr. Stenneff's studies indicate that zinc and iron deficiency, low serum sulfate, seizures, and mitochondrial disorders are all symptoms of autism that mirror the symptoms of glyphosate toxicity.

The increases in the usage of glyphosate over the past 20 years on an increasing number of GMO crops is staggering, and as a result, there is a corresponding geometrical increase in the amount of glyphosate being found in the human body. Nearly all of the packaged foods we eat are made from GMO/glyphosate crops such as health bars, potato and corn chip snacks, and packaged cereals made from corn and soy. Nearly every packaged food and soft drink include high-fructose corn syrup. Surprisingly, bread also contains high levels of glyphosate because the wheat it is made from is sprayed with the glyphosate at the time of its harvest immediately after the hull of the wheat has had the time to form. All livestock and dairy cows are all fed a lifetime of crops doused with massive amounts of glyphosate. The bio-accumulation of glyphosate in the human body is of paramount concern as it is conceivable that humans ingest glyphosate contaminated food up to ten times per day or more.

A final determination on the autism-causing status of Roundup herbicide could affect people the world over. Not only are people who use Roundup in their daily jobs are at risk of exposure but so are the children that play in public parks, roll around on their home's lawn and eat the fruit and vegetables from their gardens. Monsanto continues to promote Roundup as "safe for humans," and fight to keep their deadly herbicide on the market.

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