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The Bayer Shareholder Meeting Held Online This Quarter and Focuses on Roundup Herbicide Lawsuits

The meeting invited speakers to submit videos and text of their concerns about Monsanto's behavior

Thursday, April 30, 2020 - Bayer shareholders are beyond furious over the lack of good judgment exercised by then CEO for his decision to invest $63 billion to buy Monsanto. Critics of the deal rightfully state that the CEO vastly underestimated the financial damage Bayer would have to endure from what has now grown to more than 50,000 lawsuits against the company, not to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars in punitive damage jury awards that must be paid to plaintiffs that have proven to their respective juries that Roundup Herbicide was responsible for causing their cancer. The company is now in settlement negotiations with lawyers representing thousands of plaintiffs that are dying from cancer having come into contact with Roundup repeatedly. Financial experts think that the company could be liable for $10 to $20 billion or more to settle the cases. Settlement talks have been delayed, however, due to the current health pandemic gripping the globe. Every quarter the chairman of Bayer must report to company shareholder of the state of the company and the most recent meeting have been dominated with the Monsanto acquisition and how to mitigate the damages thereof. This year the face to face meeting was canceled and replaced by a virtual shareholder's meeting online. People who were to address the group in person were asked instead to submit a video and transcript with their question. One interesting researcher, Carey Gillam made a video that can be viewed at the US Right to Know website. Roundup herbicide cancer attorneys have a winning track record litigating against big corporations and helping people nationwide with a free consultation before filing a claim.

According to USRTK, Ms. Gillam is a journalist and author who has been critical of Monsanto's practices of trying to cover up adverse publicity regarding the carcinogenic nature of glyphosate, the active ingredient in their flagship Roundup weedkiller. In her book and her writings, Ms. Gillam catalogs Monsanto's internal memos that point to the company's activities to mislead government regulators and the public and to convince both that they had nothing to worry about when it comes to consuming glyphosate, a chemical thought to be "probably carcinogenic by the World Health Organization. "I wrote a book about the company and the rise of its Roundup herbicide business built around the chemical glyphosate, and I have cataloged and reported on the internal Monsanto documents that show Monsanto spent decades hiding information about the health risks of its products from consumers and regulators," according to Ms. Gillam and USRTK. Ms. Gillam also claims that online publications the American Council on Science and Health and Genetic Literacy Project are funded by and collaborating with Monsanto/Bayer and that Monsanto has a history of trying to threaten and discredit journalist that expose the truth about Roundup. Ms. Gillam asked shareholders to force management to stop harassing journalists like herself and to stop the online intimidation. Ultimately Ms. Gillam wants what everyone else wants; transparency from the company as to what they know about glyphosate's threat to human health and the environment.

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