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Glyphosate In The Air And Water Could Be Damaging People's Immune Systems Causing COVID19 To Be More Deadly Than Necessary

Healthy human gut bacteria is essential to guide our system to make the critical differentiation between which cells to kill and which to leave alone

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - MIT research scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff has spent decades researching glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, and its connection to diseases like obesity, autism, and Altzheimers. Glyphosate is in the water we drink from runoff, the toxic emissions from fossil fuels we breathe, and the food we eat. The doctor believes that the explosions in the number of cases of these diseases can be linked to the explosion in the use of allegedly cancer-causing glyphosate on the majority of the world's food crops and other not so obvious sources. Dr. Seneff notes that there is virtually a one to one relationship in the increases in these autoimmune diseases and the increases in industrial agricultural spraying of what is now billions of tons of glyphosate per year on everything that people eventually eat and drink. Dr. Seneff hypothesizes that glyphosate breaks vital protein chains found in plants causing them to die and does the same to human gut bacteria that are essential to the human immune system. Dr. Seneff is also researching as to the effects that a weakened immune system has in making the current COVID19 pandemic more deadly than it needed to be. Dr. Seneff is driven by thinking how important it would be if the cause of deaths for so many people could be avoided and told, "If there is indeed a connection between glyphosate and COVID-19, understanding why and how they're connected could play a critical role in combating this pandemic."

Dr. Seneff points out in an article she wrote for the website that the Coronavirus has the characteristic of causing the body to launch an exaggerated immune attack against it and can destroy lung tissue as it attempts to destroy the virus. The body's immune system has the magnificent characteristic of being able to identify only the virus cells and leave the good cells alone but somehow the Coronavirus confuses the immune system. Healthy human gut bacteria is essential to guide our system to make the critical differentiation between which cells to kill and which to leave alone. Monsanto Roundup cancer attorney helping people nationwide offer a free no obligation consultation before filing lawsuit claim.

Dr. Seneff identifies the fact that the Coronavirus effects different people differently as some that are confirmed to have the virus only get a sniffle while others die a horrible death by asphyxiation or sepsis-like symptoms. Dr. Seneff thinks that regional exposure to glyphosate can cause generally weakened immune systems for an entire geographical population such as New York City or New Orleans, two of the hardest-hit areas in the country for the virus. The human body has several tiers of immune response called innate and adaptive, the latter coming to the rescue of the former if it is overwhelmed with a virus. Dr. Seneff thinks that urban populations are at greater risk due to fossil fuels spewing glyphosate-laden toxic emissions into the air and damaging the population's immune systems. Two places in the United States with the greatest number of Coronavirus deaths, New York City and New Orleans, lie at the end of the Hudson and Missippi Rivers respectively, and could be getting the highest concentrations of glyphosate from run off the entire lengths of the rivers.

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