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Roundup Settlement Could Hinge on Overturning Albert and Alva Pilliod's Massive Jury Award

Overturning multi-million dollar jury awards could be part of the complicated Bayer Monsanto herbicide cancer settlement talks that could be wrapping up any day

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - A partial ban on glyphosate and a Roundup herbicide cancer warning label are likely to be included in the billion-dollar settlement of close to 100,000 lawsuits that are pending against agrochemical life sciences conglomerate Bayer AG and targeting their subsidiary Monsanto. Bayer purchased Monsanto in 2018 for $63 billion but litigation and the banning of Monsanto's products by governments in the US and Europe are costing the company many times more than that amount. The cost estimates do not take into consideration the billions that Bayer stock lost after the acquisition. By May of 2019, Bayer stock price declined by almost half of its value in market capitalization since the Monsanto merger, falling to a seven-year low according to If that were not enough, Bayer may even lose Monsanto's core seed business if more European countries ban glyphosate, the core ingredient in Roundup herbicide. Without glyphosate the demand for Monsanto seeds is moot. In anticipation of losing their core seed business, Bayer is investing $5 billion in research and development of a non-glyphosate weed killer that will work with their genetically modified seeds. Roundup attorneys are national attorneys with vast experience and a winning track record with medical litigations and offer a free no obligation consultation.

The low in Bayer stock price came in response to the company losing the third of three cases brought against them in the past two years that alleged that users of Roundup herbicide developed cancer. Alva and Alberta Pilliod were awarded an eye-opening $2 billion in punitive damages on top of $55 million compensatory damages by a California jury for their suffering from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a rare and deadly cancer that they developed. The jury award for damages was reduced to $86 million and now Bayer has "asked a California appeals court to overturn an $86 million verdict that found it was responsible for a couple's cancer caused by its glyphosate-based weed killer Roundup," according to the Genetic Literacy Project (GLP). Lawyers for Bayer seeking to overturn the jury award are claiming jurors were misled and their emotions inflamed by the couple's both developing an identical form of death-sentence cancer yet ignored the science that is adamant that Roundup herbicide is safe when used as directed. "U.S. regulators had consistently found glyphosate to be non-carcinogenic and that the Pilliods' lawyer during trial repeatedly violated court orders in an attempt to inflame jurors," according to GLP. Indeed, the current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued multiple official statements in recent weeks that stress that glyphosate is safe and does not cause cancer.

Experts assume that overturning the three previous jury awards could help pave the way for a mass settlement of all cases pending against the company in which Bayer is rumored to have set aside over $10 billion. Another settlement complication is over the latency period of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma which can lie dormant within a cancer-stricken individual for up to two decades. The recent wave of glyphosate-cancer denials by the pro-business Trump EPA only supports the theory that this administration and Bayer are working hand-in-hand to promote business profits with little regard for human health and safety.

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