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CEOs Are Bailing Out From Facing Their Consumer's Lawsuits

Bayer CEO has decided to retire under the most negative of circumstances surrounding his role in acquiring Monsanto and all of their legal troubles

Monday, March 16, 2020 - Another CEO of a billion-dollar per year corporation has quit amid thousands of lawsuits that are pending that claim their cash-cow, flagship product causes cancer or other deadly diseases. Last month, the last remaining co-founder of Juul Inc., the world's leading maker of e-cigarettes, quit rather than face thousands of lawsuits that allege his company deliberately targeted millions of minors and teenagers with their deadly, nicotine-addictive product. This week Bayer CEO Warner Wenning quit while his company reels from around 50,000 lawsuits that claim glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller caused their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a rare and deadly cancer of the lymph nodes. Only three cases have gone to trial in this regard and all three have found that occupational users that came into direct skin contact with the chemical cocktail that is Roundup weed killer developed deadly cancer. All three cases were decided in favor of the plaintiffs and juries awarded them hundreds of millions of dollars in punitive damages. Monsanto Roundup cancer attorneys representing American families offer a free consultation with no obligation to file a claim against the makers of Roundup herbicide.

Monsanto was acquired in 2018 by Bayer and CEO Wenning is thought to be largely responsible for initiating the deal to take Bayer to be the leader in global life sciences. Bayer is said to be in the later stages of settling thousands of claims that are being handled by several lawyers and Reuters reports that preliminary factors have been agreed to by all parties and that a final settlement in the 10-12 million dollar range is expected within weeks.

In Wenning's defense, lawsuits against Monsanto claiming that glyphosate in Roundup herbicide could cause cancer was sparked when the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) published their opinion that glyphosate was "probably carcinogenic to humans." The Agency's use of the word "probably" outraged the company which successfully blocked the State of California from forcing Monsanto to include a cancer warning label on bottles of the herbicide available for sale in the state. California had previously automatically included Roundup herbicide in their official Prop 65 list of products sold in the state that could cause cancer, based solely on the IARC statement.

The first lawsuit decided against Monsanto was brought DeWayne Lee Johnson, a California school maintenance worker who developed NHL from spraying the herbicide on the government properties in which he was in charge. Johnson testified and showed jurors the cancerous legions on part of his body that was exposed to the weed killer. His lawsuits claimed that Monsanto failed to warn occupational users of the product to wear waterproof protective clothing while applying the chemical. A surfactant additive in the Roundup liquid causes it to better stick to weeds and become absorbed into weeds, killing them more efficiently, and the plaintiff was able to show that bio-accumulation also occurs on human skin causing irritation that leads to cancer. Two other similar cases soon followed where juries agreed that and awarded hundreds of millions in punitive damages forcing Bayer to the settlement table where the company may be forced to sell assets and borrow money under unfavorable terms. Shareholders have also filed lawsuits claiming that Wenning and other Bayer board members were negligent in failing to anticipate Monsanto's legal liabilities when they acquired the company.

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