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Bayer Stockholders Could Force CEO to Resign Over Roundup Cancer Scandal

Bayer has angered its stockholders who wish the company had never purchased Monsanto

Thursday, September 19, 2019 - In July of 2016, German multinational corporation Bayer Inc. purchased Monsanto for 63 billion dollars hoping the acquisition would create a leading global life sciences firm. Instead, lawsuit after lawsuit has created a major headache for Bayer's board of directors and caused the company's stock to fall by half in value. Bayer shareholders are furious with the company's CEO for failing to consider Monsanto's legal problems before purchasing the company and a group of shareholders has registered a no-confidence vote in an attempt to oust the CEO. The no-confidence vote was the first of its kind for a publicly registered German company and reflects the embarrassment stockholders feel over the director's ineptitude. Shareholders have spoken out and have told reporters that Bayer management grossly underestimated the legal liabilities that it would incur over glyphosate being linked to causing cancer. Experts estimate it will cost over $10 billion to settle the 18,000 or more glyphosate/cancer lawsuits that have been filed against them. National attorneys for Roundup cancer lawsuits represent families and persons harmed by the weed killer known as Roundup and offer a free consultation before filing a claim.

The first shot fired over the Bayer/Monsanto bought was launched when DeWayne Lee Johnson, a California school groundskeeper, was awarded $289 million for developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a rare and deadly form of skin cancer. Johnson testified in court and showed his body was covered in cancerous legions allegedly caused by coming into contact with Roundup herbicide. According to the documentary "Turning Toxic" Johnson's lawyers told reporters that Johnson was spraying about 150 gallons of Roundup every morning, an extreme amount. Johnson was in perfect health and had perfect skin before taking the groundskeeper job, but within 2 years of starting to use Roundup in industrial quantities, developed cancerous legions over his entire body. Johnson had no other contact with any other chemical during that time and had no change in his lifestyle. Johnson's prognosis is terminal and he is not expected to live to see the year 2020.

Farmers in the United States have been critical of the verdicts of California juries calling them "tree huggers" and failing to understand that glyphosate is safe. Some farmers report coming into contact with glyphosate daily for years and never experienced a problem with their health. Glyphosate works by killing all plants, including weeds, that are not genetically modified to be Roundup-resistant and using Roundup saves farmers countless hours of labor and billions of dollars of cost.

Bayer's CEO defends glyphosate as being safe and is on record as saying that over 800 studies support glyphosate's safety for human use but others point out that there is no way of knowing how many of those studies are independent and objective. Monsanto's documents that were produced in discovery illustrate the many ways in which the company went out of its way to spin or change the results of studies to make glyphosate look safe and make them look objective. Monsanto has been accused of misleading the Food and Drug Administration when the agency made its determination to approve glyphosate and subsequently label the chemical as "probably not carcinogenic" to humans.

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