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Glyphosate Could Cause Health Problems For Generations

Researchers are moving past adult cancer to look at the long-term genetic damage that glyphosate may be causing

Friday, January 3, 2020 - Much has been made of the effect of glyphosate bioaccumulation on the skin of laborers who use the toxic weed killer Roundup during their occupation and develop non-Hodgkin's lymphoma but little attention has been given to the other medical problems that those who ingest the chemical develop. It is a well-known fact that glyphosate is now showing up at alarming levels in people's urine and illegal and unhealthy levels in the packaged children's breakfast cereals containing wheat and grains. Glyphosate is being sprayed in ever-increasing quantities on virtually every food crop, especially wheat that is sprayed a double-dose to "dry it out" before harvesting. Potatoes, soy, wheat, corn, barley, and every other crop are now regularly doused with glyphosate and the crops we eat are genetically modified to be resistant to the chemical defoliant. For the record, Monsanto was hired by the Defense Department during the Vietnam war back in the 1960s to spray glyphosate's sister chemical dubbed "Agent Orange" on the food crops of the North Vietnamese civilians to destroy their rice crops and starve the population. The genetic mutations that the chemical caused the Vietnamese people is a subject for another time. Glysophate cancer lawyers representing people harmed from glyphosate toxicity causing cancer and offer a free no obligation consultation before filing a claim.

For now, trials and studies are focusing on the chemical glyphosate causing cancer, however, that disease may be the least of people's worries. I say "people's" because I mean all people. There is not a person on earth that is not directly affected by the chemical defoliant. To date, experts have been concerned that glyphosate could be damaging our gut bacteria leading to the epidemics of autism in children and obesity in children and adults. Study's are continuing to show that not only is autism and obesity offshoots of glyphosate toxicity, but also that eating glyphosate-saturated foods causes DNA damage leading to genetic mutations and diseases. The researchers at Food Integrity Now (FIN) dot org, claim that "glyphosate can alter DNA by actively working at the epigenetic level." FIN tells readers that new glyphosate studies indicate that glyphosate can "glyphosate progressively weakens the genome of living systems exposed to the chemical. It increases susceptibility to health problems and increased infertility."

Generally speaking, studies show that glyphosate can weaken one's immune system in the current generation and every one thereafter making people more susceptible to every disease, not just cancer.

Environmental factors like air and water pollution are causing cancer at an increasing rate and glyphosate genetic damage may be the reason. FIN cites a scientific study that links glyphosate to an increase in tumor growth and could provide insights into a disease's origin. "Showing that glyphosate can trigger tumor growth, when combined with another frequently observed risk, is an important missing link when it comes to determining what causes cancer."

FIN quotes another study where the infant rats developed "kidney disease, obesity, or issues with their ovaries, testicles, or prostate" when pregnant rats were given glyphosate at only half the rate considered safe. Also, future generations of these rats "had miscarriages and/or died during pregnancy." This research alone should sound the warning bell that should alarm everyone that glyphosate may be poisoning our children.

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