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Colombia Threatens to Use Glyphosate to Defoliate Coca Fields That Produce Cocaine

Environmentalists and others are furious at what many consider a short-sided attempt to fight the war on cocaine production with glyphosate, a known carcinogen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 - While the number of US lawsuits against Bayer/Monsanto increase by thousands every month, remember that glyphosate, a known carcinogen according to the World Health Organization, is sprayed in massive quantities throughout the world. The nation of Colombia, for instance, has decided to aerial spray glyphosate, an indiscriminate killer of foliage, on its coca plantations in an attempt to eradicate the country's coca plants that drive the country's cocaine production. Environmentalists are outraged and claim that such an approach to stopping cocaine production will wreak havoc on multiple environmental concerns. The country's farmers are vulnerable since Colombia's coca fields are adjacent to legitimate farms where the wind may take the herbicide in any direction. Others fear the runoff in the mostly mountainous terrain into nearby streams and rivers threaten water supplies servicing cities like Medline and others. Young mothers and mothers to be worry that such industrial spraying of glyphosate can cause damage to their DNA and lead to children being born with autism and other diseases. Monsanto Roundup cancer attorneys are offering a no obligation and free consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

According to the Sierra, WOLA, a human rights advocacy group in Latin America, fears that spraying cocoa crops will only force the illegal growers to move to other areas and lead to additional accelerated deforestation. Environmentalists at WOLA fear that spraying coca crops will lead to exponential increases in the deforestation of the country and do little to stop the production of the drug. "Forests are cleared to adapt the land for the illicit crops. Then, aerial fumigation directly causes indiscriminate deforestation and damage to food crops before, finally, growers flee to new regions to plant again, launching new cycles of deforestation all over again." Spraying glyphosate could also adversely affect the delicate Amazon rainforest ecosystems adjacent to Colombia's coca fields. Coca growers have also been known to spray their coca crops with a non-binding agent that causes the sprayed glyphosate to be ineffective. Spraying glyphosate also threatens to put a wedge in the already strained relationships between legitimate farmers and the Colombian government as coca spraying threatens to destroy legitimate crops and put them out of business. Colombia is recovering from a 50-year civil war having signed a peace accord just three years ago. Spraying glyphosate and irradicating legitimate farms: " may also threaten an increasingly shaky peace accord, as armed groups in the large regions of the country known for coca cultivation are using the situation to their advantage," according to SC.

Colombians are also fearful that spraying glyphosate in massive amounts could devastate the long-term health of the country's entire population. Presently there are around 125,000 pending lawsuits against Bayer-Monsanto that allege glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup Weedkiller, caused non-Hodgkin lymphoma in plaintiffs. According to CS, "Studies have linked glyphosate to cancer, liver and kidney disease, and other adverse health conditions."

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