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Monsanto Funded and Faked Scientific Studies That Claimed Glyphosate Was Safe

Monsanto has also been accused of ghostwriting analysis of studies to slant the outcomes in favor of their product's safety

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - In the world of fake news in which we find ourselves immersed on the television, in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet, there is no faker news than the results of studies that claim that glyphosate and other chemicals are safe for human consumption. Roundup herbicide cancer attorneys offer a free no obligation consultation before filing a lawsuit claim.

In the past, Monsanto has ghostwritten scientific opinions and concluded favorable results of glyphosate's safety testing. At the core of the tens of thousands of lawsuits that claim Roundup herbicide caused a plaintiff's cancer are the doubts of the credibility of so-called independent studies that Monsanto attorneys point to when trying, so far unsuccessfully, to defend the company against cancer claims. Along those lines, environmental news consumer watchdog EcoWatch has reported on the findings of an organization that alleges that Monsanto has secretly funded scientific studies and paid for the results they wanted. Quoting The Guardian, writes "A new investigation revealed that Monsanto funneled money to secretly fund academic studies that warned of catastrophic consequences to farmers if glyphosate was banned in the UK, according to research from the German watchdog LobbyControl, as The Guardian reported." Much of the propaganda that Monsanto has force-fed the public centers around the company's claim that banning the chemical will cause an astronomical rise in the price of food and cause panic, famine, and economic depression. And in a particularly disturbing twist of logic, one study Monsanto paid for claimed that banning glyphosate in Europe would actually "hurt the environment," by forcing farmers to revert to mechanical weed removal using machinery that runs on fossil fuels.

According to The Guardian Monsanto referred to studies that found other harmful effects on the environment from banning glyphosate. "Glyphosate weedkiller allows planting without plowing, which helps stop carbon being released to the atmosphere. The ADAS research indicated a 25% increase in greenhouse gas emissions - a rise of 12m tonnes a year - if glyphosate was banned." Critics of the studies' conclusions focused on Monsanto's exaggeration of the percentage of increase of greenhouse gas emissions which would be negligible, not the 25% the study claimed. Bayer is quick to point out that Monsanto's funding of the studies happened before the company was purchased in 2018 and that "the study's failure to disclose their funding broke its principles. However, the authors of the studies said the funding did not influence their work and the editor of the journal in which they were published said the papers would not be retracted or amended."

The upshot is that the skewered language in the Monsanto-funded reports was used to influence European lawmakers that were considering banning glyphosate on the continent two years ago and instead renewed glyphosate's license for another five years, a reasonable compromise considering Monsanto sought the typical 15-year license. Lawmakers in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany, however, have not been misled by Monsanto's deception and have either banned the chemical outright or have announced a phased-in ban to allow farmers time to adapt to other methods of controlling weeds.

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