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Glyphosate Damages Human Gut Bacteria And Could Lead To Developing Many Deadly Diseases

The epidemics of autism, obesity, and Alzheimer's disease may now be explained

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - Monsanto is causing its parent company Bayer nothing but grief as lawsuits come full circle forcing the company to pay large punitive damage awards and change Roundup Herbicide's product warning labeling. The latter will surely cost Bayer countless millions of dollars in lost sales as previous users refrain from buying the weedkiller for fear of developing non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer of the lymph glands. Bayer/Monsanto will be forced to pay another enormous lump sum in settlement of a class-action lawsuit that claimed the company falsely advertised its flagship weedkiller, Roundup Herbicide. The class action settlement is provided to individuals in the United States that purchased Roundup Herbicide that included a label claiming that glyphosate works by targeting and blocking an enzyme found only in plants and is therefore safe for human use, which is untrue. If you or a loved one has developed cancer after using the deadly herbicide, Roundup cancer lawyers offer a free no obligation consultation.

According to Law and reported by Sustainable Pulse .com, "Monsanto has settled claims in a proposed class action alleging that it falsely advertised that the active ingredient in Roundup Weed & Grass Killer only affects plants with a $39.5 million deal that includes changing the labels on its products." Roundup herbicide labels falsely claimed that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup targets an enzyme found only in plants. Scientists have proven, however, that the same enzyme is found in human gut bacteria essential to maintaining a healthy immune system and preventing DNA damage. Such a court finding lends credence to MIT researchers like Dr. Stephanie Senefff who has repeatedly floated the notion that damage glyphosate does to human gut bacteria could be contributing to the worldwide epidemic of obesity and childhood autism as well as a possible reason for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. If the claim that glyphosate destroys gut bacteria is true and affects other animals as well, other species such as honey bees may have been affected. Honey bees have been identified as the most important species on the planet for their roll in plant and crop cross-pollination and it has been reported that bee populations are in free-fall decline for unknown reasons of which glyphosate microbe disruption could be likely.

Reporters for Bloomberg analyzed the settlement and pinpointed the changes to be made to Roundup Herbicide's labeling as follows: "As part of the deal, the language will be removed from Roundup Weed and Grass Killer's label saying that glyphosate -- the product's active ingredient -- only affects an enzyme found in plants. Consumers alleged that the chemical attacks an enzyme found in humans and some animals." Bayer acquired Monsanto in 2018 for $63 million and since then has suffered three, multi-hundred-million-dollar punitive jury awards as well as suffered from around 20 countries banning the use of the iconic weed killer causing a multi-billion dollar collapse in the company's stock market capitalization.

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