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Monsanto Roundup Herbicide Cancer Has A Human Face

Alleged Roundup cancer victims must endure physical, emotional, and financial problems every day caused by the debilitating disease

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 - The terms and conditions of the Bayer/Monsanto Roundup cancer settlement remain hidden as of today, however over 30,000 plaintiffs that either rejected or were excluded from the arrangement are preparing their lawsuits. The Guardian interviewed members of the group, some of which feel slighted by the company's offer. One 71-year old woman with cancer thinks that the settlement is a "slap in the face." According to the article, Bayer continues to claim that Roundup herbicide with glyphosate is safe when used as directed and also because the company refuses to post a cancer warning label on its packaging. Glyphosate is considered "probably carcinogenic" by the World Health Organization (WHO), and three out of three juries have awarded plaintiffs hundreds of millions of dollars in punitive damages after reviewing the evidence against the company. With all the talk of billions of dollars in settlement and the effects banning glyphosate could have on the world's economy, it is easy to forget the individual human suffering that the Roundup herbicide is allegedly causing.

According to the interview published recently in The Guardian, a 71-year old woman alleges that using Roundup Weedkiller caused her to develop non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer of the lymph nodes. The cancer patient must self-inject herself four times per day to boost her chemotherapy-depleted immune system. She has been hospitalized with pneumonia on two occasions and takes a drug four times per day for the pain in her hands and feet caused by the chemotherapy. Other side effects include her balance being off, difficulty walking, and the loss of touch sensitivity.

The woman was repeatedly exposed to Roundup weedkiller when she used it with a backpack sprayer on her five-acre coffee farm in Hawaii. The Monsanto representative claimed that the weedkiller was "safe enough to drink." The woman told The Guardian, "In 2003, I became ill - extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, night sweats. I thought it was menopause or aging. But then an ultrasound found numerous enlarged lymph nodes. I was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma, with a 10% chance of survival." The couple sold their farm and lost their pets, farm animals, and active lifestyle they enjoyed as a result of being too incapacitated to continue the enterprise. Financial difficulties multiplied the lifestyle compromises the couple had to make. They were unable to travel out of Hawaii for the required treatments for fear of losing her health insurance. The policy's deductible and out of pocket costs increased every quarter and depleted her retirement savings account. The couple is now forced to live close to their daughter and is no longer self-reliant.

If you or a loved one have used Roundup herbicide and have developed non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, you should contact a Monsanto Cancer Attorney for a free consultation. Many have filed claims for reimbursement of their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and to compensate them for the loss of enjoyment of life allegedly caused by using Roundup.

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