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Monsanto Maker of the Deadly Defoliant ... Agent Orange

Acute Myeloid Leukemia is a rapidly spreading and deadly form of cancer where only 27% of its victims live at least five years post-diagnosis

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - Monsanto is quick to point out that most studies fail to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that glyphosate causes cancer. What their argument fails to take into consideration is that given the amount of glyphosate in use around the world today, the potential health consequences could be catastrophic for mankind should the health warnings pan out. Government environmental agencies and groups tasked with safeguarding the public against potential health hazards are forced to err on the side of caution given the fact that millions and millions of lives could be at risk. Monsanto also fails to publicly acknowledge that certain cancers have a latency period of a decade or two and a person sentenced to death from exposure to a cancer-causing substance may not recognize that they have the disease for up to 20 years or more, often only when cancer has spread and it is too late to treat effectively. If Roundup glyphosate does indeed cause cancer, hundreds of millions of people could die down the road. If the public waits for 20 years to challenge the chemical's acceptance and usage it may be too late.

It is not as if the maker of Roundup, Monsanto, has a pristine record of putting public health before company profits. In the 1960's, the Monsanto Company's flagship herbicide, dubbed "Agent Orange" by the U.S. military, was sprayed by airplane over the jungles in Southeast Asia at the borders of Laos, Cambodia, and Southeast Vietnam. Agent Orange was manufactured by Monsanto acting as a wartime government contractor from 1965 to 1971 under operation, "Ranch Hand." The military purpose of using the chemical for jungle fighting was to, "remove forest cover, destroy crops, and clear vegetation from the perimeters of US bases." Little if any consideration was given at the time of its use to the potential long-term cancer risks that the chemical could cause in humans. The company enjoyed decades of military secrecy to avoid criticism and challenges to Agent Orange for the cancer risks the chemical caused to U.S. military troops.

Since the end of the Vietnam war in the 1970's, hundreds of thousands of military personnel have suffered and died from Agent Orange-related cancers, costing the military and the U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars. According to the official Veterans Administration website, "Veterans who were exposed to Monsanto Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service may be eligible for a variety of VA benefits, including disability compensation for diseases associated with exposure. Your dependents and survivors also may be eligible for benefit"

If the International Agency for Cancer Research warning that glyphosate, "probably causes cancer, " and the state of California's inclusion of glyphosate on its list of "cancer-causing chemicals" proves correct, glyphosate cancer deaths could total in the millions and cost taxpayers trillions of dollars down the road. Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuits will seek to prove that the company was aware of the dangers of glyphosate and hid that information from consumers.

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