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There is No Escaping Roundup Ready

So much Roundup Ready has been used in so many ways that the number of people at risk of developing cancer from it is greater than thought

Monday, August 7, 2017 - Over the years tens of millions of Americans have been exposed to the deadly Monsanto herbicide roundup ready. Farmers have sprayed countless quantities of the chemical on crops and farmland from airplanes and tractors pulling herbicide tankers. Landscape maintenance workers at municipal parks, and workers at other federal state and local government buildings have used the chemical for decades on a regular basis. Children roll around in the herbicide when they play on baseball, football and soccer fields or even their own front and backyards. Golfers spend up to 5 hours per day walking on manicured fairways and greens where golf course greens keepers have used the chemical to prevent weeds from growing. As a result of their exposure to Roundup ready, the number of cases of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a deadly form of cancer in America has skyrocketed and people are now waking up to the cause of much of their suffering. Cancer patients and the loved ones of those who have died are suing Monsanto for failing to warn consumers that the chemical is carcinogenic and cancer causing. Only in July 2017 did a US state government in California step forward and formally place glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup Ready herbicide on the official government list of cancer-causing agents that should be avoided.

For decades people trusted Monsanto's statements regarding the product that the glyphosate was safe for humans to use to kill weeds. More than 900 people are currently suing Monsanto nationwide claiming that exposure to Roundup Ready pesticide caused their blood cancer, non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Roundup has been found to cause DNA damage and oxidative stress, which are pre-cursors not only to developing cancer, but also Parkinson's disease in adults and autism in children. All this from the same company that decades ago brought us the most toxic, cancer causing chemical ever known to man, a powerful mixture of chemical defoliants used by U.S. military forces in the 1960's and 70's during the Vietnam War, called "Agent Orange." Roundup lawsuits seek compensatory damages for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering as well as punitive damages against Monsanto to not only hold the company accountable for their callous disregard for public safety but also to alert the American public to discontinue using the deadly herbicide.

Since it was first sold in 1974, the active ingredient in Roundup Ready, glyphosate, has been the subject of controversy and the focus of scientific studies by concerned government and consumer watchdog groups around the world. Marketing executives at Monsanto have been the target of lawsuits claiming that company emails showed that Monsanto funded and actually ghost wrote many of the phony pro-glyphosate studies that the company cited to the Environmental Protection Agency when the company claimed that the product was safe for human usage. Many of the studies proved to be nothing more than paid for company advertisements cloaked in phony scientific terminology in an effort to discredit actual, objective, independent studies conducted by the European Union's International Agency for Research on Cancer, a branch of the World Health Organization that concluded that glyphosate is "probably carcinogenic."

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