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Roundup Lawsuits Claim Glyphosate Is A Carcinogen

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is named in Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuits as the chemical that causes cancer in plantiffs that have filed claims against the agricultural giant.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - Plaintiffs filing Monsanto Roundup lawsuits against the agricultural company claim that one of the central ingredients in the popular weed killer, glyphosate, is causing consumers to contract cancer and that they received no warnings of its serious side effects. Glyphosate, which is described as a non-selective herbicide, is an abundant chemical that is used on millions of crops each year. Roundup cancer lawyers representing the plaintiffs claim that the farmers and field workers that have used the chemical should have been warned of its carcinogenic properties and that Monsanto knew of its danger and failed to warn consumers.

Roundup, featuring the active ingredient glyphosate, was first available as a product in 1974. It quickly grew to become one of the most popular herbicides in the world. The product was marketed for massive agricultural ventures, as well as for use by homeowners as a weedkiller. The revenues it generated for Monsanto were massive, which plaintiffs claim was a reason Monsanto never revealed the carcinogenic properties behind their cash cow product.

The honeymoon period quickly faded, however, as accusations of misconduct bubbled up as studies began to study the true nature of glyphosate on the human body. Eventually, the issue made its way into the courts, as the New York Attorney General filed a Monsanto Roundup lawsuit against the company in 1996, claiming that Roundup featured false and misleading advertising regarding the product and its potential side effects.

The current Roundup lawsuits point to the similar facts brought up two decades ago, claiming that Monsanto was aware of the carcinogenic properties linked to Roundup as early as the 1980s. Throughout the 1980s, the EPA made a number of changing ruling regarding Roundup, first saying that it was a possible human carcinogen, then citing non-carcinogenicity in respect to human contact. Roundup cancer attorneys representing the plaintiffs claimed that the wavering in results was due to the fraudulent nature in which Monsanto was fiddling with the studies conducted into glyphosate's carcinogenicity.

In the 2000s, a number of studies began to hit medical journals claiming that there was a link between glyphosate and cancer, citing cell-cycle checkpoint failure and the abnormal affect the chemical had on rat livers. During this time, the results of the studies were readily available to Monsanto, and the company either ignored them or remained ignorant of information that they should have been aware of in order to help protect their consumers. No matter the scenario, Roundup lawyers representing the plaintiffs feel that the company owes the consumers who contracted cancer from their products damages for the physical and emotional cost the disease has taken on them.

As an additional blow to the legacy of glyphosate, the International Agency for Research on Cancer listed glyphosate as a possible carcinogen, a notable step up in their view of the chemical. The international body found that glyphosate caused human cells to experience chromosomal damage, among other significant factors that went into their decision.

Most Monsanto Roundup lawsuits remain in the pretrial phase of their proceedings. The federal litigation nationwide was centralized into multidistrict litigation in early October. Those proceedings were transferred to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

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