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Consumer Groups Are Concerned About American Children's Exposure to Glyphosate

Given Monsanto's track record of producing cancer-causing chemicals and also because of how little we know about glyphosate's potential to cause long-term harm, parents should avoid products that contain glyphosate

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - Anti-Monsanto consumer organizations have been documenting the case against Monsanto since the 1960's when the then-fledgling chemical company sold over 12 million gallons of the herbicide called "Agent Orange" to the US military to be sprayed on the jungles of Southeast Asia in order to defoliate them and expose enemy troops. Tons of Agent Orange were also sprayed on millions of acres of North Vietnamese rice fields in an attempt to deny the enemy their staple food source. At the time Agent Orange was considered to be safe to humans and an integral part of the US military jungle war strategy.

While it was never a good idea to use the known carcinogenic chemical on civilian populated areas as was often the case in Vietnam, those in the United States tended to look the other way since it was after all a war and it was taking place on the other side of the world. US citizens were not the ones going to be affected ten, twenty and thirty years down the road when birth defects started to show up in Vietnamese children. According to The Ecologist, in Vietnam "Agent Orange has caused dwarfism, missing limbs, twisted limbs, spindly legs, and gnarled backs." Mosanto roundup cancer attorneys are fighting for the rights of the people harmed by glyphosate.

Our nation's lack of concern for the health of the people of the world is now coming home to roost as Monsanto has brought us Roundup herbicide made from glyphosate, a chemical that is thought of by the International Agency For Cancer Research (IARC) to be carcinogenic like Agent Orange. As a matter of fact, one could argue that since glyphosate and Agent Orange come from the same company and produce similar defoliant results, that glyphosate and agent orange could have many similar properties to one another. In addition to Agent Orange, Monsanto also manufactured cancer-causing chemicals like DDT and PCBs.

Glyphosate bioaccumulation is of particular concern to groups that protect children. has noted that the levels of glyphosate that the FDA consideres safe are based on a 175-lb man, not a small child or baby. Glyphosate works on a farmer's crops by killing weeds yet leaving the genetically modified crop unharmed by the weedkiller much the way Agent Orange killed any plant life it came in contact with. Consumer groups fear that too little is known about the chemical's potential to bioaccumulate and contribute to cancer, autism, and a host of other neurological diseases like Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Glyphosate is showing up in increasing quantities in children's breakfast cereals and other packaged products that use genetically modified crops so the concerns of consumer groups are understandable. Scientists at the Massachusettes Institute of Technology are also finding a link between glyphosate's classification as an anti-biotic and problems that affect the gut bacteria in humans. MIT scientists link the proliferation of glyphosate usage by farmers with the near geometric rise in childhood autism and obesity, two condition that could not be a naturally occurring genetic phenomenon but instead must be due to a change in environmental conditions such as using more glyphosate.

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