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Glyphosate May Be To Blame For Florida's Clean Water Crisis and Apocalyptic Fish Die-Off

Scientists point to the introduction of glyphosate for causing a super-strain of herbicide-resistant toxic algae

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 - People that travel or relocate to Florida do so for a number of reasons, one of which is the state's excellent fishing spots. In addition to being a peninsula surrounded by surf and ocean on three sides, Florida has thousands of smaller lakes and inlets to fish from. Florida's fisherman today, however, are expressing concerns that they are no longer able to fish in their favorite spots due to the water being contaminated with a substance called blue-green algae and want to know why it is happening and what can be done to stop it and reverse the state's water back to its original pristine condition.

Florida's scientist and researchers are very concerned over the excessive spraying of chemicals such as the herbicide glyphosate into the waterways by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC). The FWC performs maintenance to control the growth of water lettuce and hyacinth, as well as other invasive plant species and weeds. When plant life dies it decays and releases phosphorous and other compounds that promote the growth of blue-green algae. According to an article recently in Wink News, Southwest Florida scientist Dr. James Douglass believes that spraying glyphosate to kill weeds and plants has led "to an excess of nutrients in the water. And the excess of nutrients in the water leads to all kinds of harmful algae blooms." The website recently photographed the blue-green algae problem that is threatening the state's water supply on Lake Okeechobee using an airborne drone and concluded: "Based on satellite images, researchers with NOAA estimate that 90 percent of the 730-square-mile freshwater lake is covered in algae, proven to be toxic with microcystin through tests conducted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection." TCPalm also reports that according to its annual report, the Florida Wildlife Commission sprayed 12,000 pounds of glyphosate into Lake Okeechobee in 2017. Gary Goforth a Stuart Florida environmental released a study that showed that even though 12,000 pounds of weedkiller is a seemingly small amount, when you consider that that amount of glyphosate kills aquatic plants that then release over 1 million pounds of phosphorous into the water, feeding the blue-green algae blooms. Monsanto glyphosate lawsuits are on the rise due to the amount of people affected by glyphosate herbicide.

In addition, it is not just the phosphorus release from the killing of aquatic plants and weeds that are causing Florida's aquatic crisis. MIT scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff blames Florida's explosion of toxic blue-green algae and the resultant fish die-off apocalypse, on Monsanto's glyphosate, not just from directly spraying it into the water but from a number of sources. " It's very straightforward. The so-called blue-green "algae" are actually not algae but rather a type of primitive bacteria called "cyanobacteria." They have a special skill that is rare among all species to be able to fully metabolize glyphosate and use its phosphorus atom as a source of phosphorus. So they obtain a competitive advantage against other species in the presence of chronic glyphosate exposure." Dr. Seneff cites runoff from the millions of acres of sugar cane fields that surround Lake Okeechobee and the state's proliferation of manicured lawns and golf courses that all use large quantities of Roundup herbicide containing glyphosate to control weeds.

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