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Bayer May Be Fighting a Losing Battle By Defending Roundup Herbicide

Bayer's reputation may be irreparably damaged by its acquisition of Monsanto and the thousands of lawsuits that are coming

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 - reports "Forty percent of the world's genetically modified (GM) crops are grown in the U.S., where Monsanto controls 80 percent of the GM corn market, and 93 percent of the GM soy market. Worldwide, 282 million acres are planted in Monsanto's GM crops, up from only 3 million in 1996, according to Food and Water Watch."

In June 2018, German pharmaceutical giant, Bayer Inc. purchased Monsanto for $63 billion along with the knowledge that the company potentially faced thousands of lawsuits from plaintiffs who allege that Roundup herbicide caused their cancer. Last week a California jury awarded landscape maintenance worker DeWayne Johnson $289 million, mostly punitive damages, for causing his non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer. Johnson's attorneys successfully argued that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide bioaccumulates on the skin when it comes into contact in large quantities, causing irritation that results in cancer. Although so weak he could barely talk, Johnson took the stand and showed the jury the open sores that cover approximately 80% of his body. Johnson worked as a groundskeeper for a Northern California school and used Roundup 20-30 time per year over a 4-year period. Johnson said that occasionally he would come home "drenched in Roundup" and wrote to Monsanto seeking guidance for his health concerns. Monsanto never replied.

Now that one case has been decided in favor of the plaintiff over 5000 more trials could be forthcoming. Experts question why Bayer would purchase Monsanto at a time that legal uncertainty surrounds the company and contend that adverse publicity affecting Roundup will rub off on their other brands like Alleve and Alka Seltzer that have become household names that the company has spent millions developing over decades. Bayer intends to do away with the Monsanto name by the end of August 2018. (1)

It is probably going to take more than changing the name to make the thousands of Roundup cancer patients forget where their disease came from. Monsanto attorneys said they are determined to appeal the verdict on the grounds that, according to Monsanto's attorneys, "over 800 scientific studies and research papers point to the fact that glyphosate doesn't cause cancer." Bayer intends to go out and educate farmers as to Roundup's safety and why they need to continue to use the product. Unfortunately, the company may be in public relations quicksand as the more they fight cancer patients in court and defend Roundup, the more callous and insensitive and out of touch they appear and a public relations' nightmare could result in Bayer losing market share for any product with their name on it.

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